Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, more about the pool ! The men came and went!!!! But, they did the job ---YIPPEE! But, What a Mess---YUK! They arrived at 8.30 am complete with 4 truckloads of equipment , gravel ,pipes ( with holes in which will allow the water in then be funnelled out the other end onto our lawn), diggers etc; It was hell let loose in a day! I did not dare to go over to see the devastation, but my partner did and he took photos as you can see. I still haven't looked but I shall definitely do so after this posting. Apparently it has all been tidied up and, apart from the fact that they have had to excavate the majority of the newly seeded lawn surround, it is O.K. So now, the BIG TEST! Will the next downpour lift the liner to the surface again? We shall see.

Other news I HAVE STARTED A NEW BLOG! I said I was thinking about doing something new, so I upped and did it. There are no postings yet so I will tell all in my next post here! It is an exciting one for me.


  1. So you have a pool. We had one at a previous house and found that we didn't use it enough after the kids got older. But when we did use it, how wonderful.

  2. Thanks Ruth, it is great, but this one has been more trouble than its worth! Hopefully the new drainage will sort out the problems; cannot wait for the hot weather.