Monday, January 19, 2009

Evening in France

Well, a lot seems to have happened since my last post; firstly I have discovered a wonderful blog, do visit it, see my blog list it's called synch-ro-ni-zing. It will blow you away. Thankyou Ruth for popping in, I value your comments!

Secondly my dogs are REALLY in the dog house! my three 'lovely' ( very questionable) companions decided to go on an adventure! Well two of them did-- they just leapt over my 1m20 high fence ( no mean feat as they had to also negotiate a very prickly hedge) and decided to go and visit my neighbours land, where they keep the most delicious geese and chickens!!! What a palava! Feathers everywhere and a lot of squawking ( and that was just us) the birds wern't too happy either. We managed to finally grab them but the chickens didn't fare too well. The geese had high-tailed it to the back of beyond. To cut an embarassing story short, we had to come clean and visit the owners with a description of the battle. They had been out at the time which actually was a great help, otherwise I might have been left almost dog-less! This pic is the angel of the story who actually remained on our land, can't you see her halo?


  1. Oh, she is beautiful, and yes angelic.

    How nice! Thank you for such nice things said.

    That was an awful story told with good humor and interest. (and that was just us) - HA.

  2. I've visited Ruth's blog for at least a year and I love her blog, her photos are wonderful. I'm her "Auntie Sandy"..haha.. because I beg her to let me come live with them and work on her farm...(only in my imagination)...