Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Derran Brown mindreader or majician ?

Did you watch Derran Brown on the television last evening? He was very convincing wasnt he, but I went to bed and spent the first hour awake, trying to fathom out how he works. I think I worked out a few of the tricks. Obviously the fake ' passing out' at the end was to give time to feed the updated information scroll into the suspended container. The curtains had to be closed to allow this.
The £500 or £5000 box was just a straight-forward chance as I am sure Derran was honest when he stated at the end that " everybody chooses the £5000".
The floating table worked on the same principles as the "oui-ja" as anyone would know who has seriously taken part in a session.
I think that the 'secret envelope' bowl was swapped twice ( without anyone noticing- like the banana, and the Derran Brown swap on stage) in order for the contents to have been read and then re-sealed and re-placed on stage, however I have no answer as to how he knew the star-signs of the participants.
It was a most enjoyable show, though, and there were some seemingly inexplicable tricks. Anyone else guessed how he does it?
Today here in France it was a little warmer and the dogs actually didn't complain about being out in the garden. The ice on the pond is beginning to thaw and we watched the ducks ice-skating which was hilarious. On the village lake yesterday the locals were feeding bread to the resident muskrat ( not too sure if that's spelt correctly), he was like a HUGE rat. They call them Ragonda here and they are prolific in this area. But they seem to keep to the waterways and are quite tame and don't appear to bother anybody.
Ah well time to think about the evening meal, perhaps lamb chops with a nice glass of red!

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