Monday, January 12, 2009

My Lovely three dogs

Bonjour tout le monde!

Monday, still white and -6°!! I thought I would introduce you to my three lovely dogs today I have twin Afghan hounds, bitches, and a male Doberman, tricky, you might say, but he paid a visit to the vet quite early in his life ( shame).He is 8years old now and the ladies are 5years. They might be twins but look totally different, one a beautiful blonde, the other an elegant grey and black. The dobie is abit out of frame, sorry about that-must find another picture.

They all have unusual names -- Can you guess them???????

Horses have been another love of my life. At one time I had six, of course was a lot younger in those days! I so miss them, and still do go for the odd hack generally whilst on holiday. Talking of holidays - where to go this year? My favourite place is Italy- love Rome. France is great too, but as I already live there.......................

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