Thursday, January 8, 2009

not all sad

hello again, today is a VERY COLD Thursday morning, around -7°, it's great to be tucked up here in my warm office! I hope you are out of the cold too!

Today I would like you to see the lighter side of my husband's writings, so I am setting down some excerpts from " Eunuchs of the world unite ", written when I had just risen to the 'giddy heights' of being an Area Sales manager WOOOOHHH!! so it begins......

" She is liberated! From what, or whom, I don't know; but, certainly, she has that pragmatic flounce of masculinity about her, which kind'v renders a lot of people submissive, or inadequate.....or both.

She is an executive...

She is a good executive...

She is a successful executive... she is an Area Sales Manager for (mentions Company)
Eat your heart out Boadicea!

'She' is also "manager" of: husband, 1
children, 4
horses, 3
cats, 2
dogs, 1......... fame. My wife!

So where, I frequently, of late, ask myself.........where do I fit into all this?
Any other men out there feel the same way?.....Mmm...I didn't think I was unique.

Well, I am here - as some time husband of this athletic phenomenon- to show how the eunuch can have a place in the ' Company' set-up. He...It?...too will, with some loyal service under the belt, eventually go to that big Bonded Warehouse in the sky.

Prior to the Company's engagement in our lives, of course there were the inevitable bra-burning sessions, and the brief trips to Marks & Spencers for 'y' fronts.On reflection, maybe it was St. Michael who put the final seal on it.... I don't know. All I can say is on joining the Company (note the capital 'C' there. Crawl a little...why be proud) there was a definite aura of a religious nature kind'v tied-up in the initiation ceremony. So much so, in fact, I have only to hear the initials of the Company and I genuflect......... see?... I did it then!

To begin with, I haven't always been a eunuch. And, my wife, she hasn't always been an executive. We have 'become' what we are. The change has been gradual. As far as she is concerned, it was a revitalization over an undefined period of time- not wholly unconnected with the sale of the product. In fact, you'll probably recognise a distinct correlation between Us and the ' hit-men' from the Company. A sort of marriage. I drifted off-shore, let the tide take me. It may sound Victorian...." close your eyes and think of England". But that's the way I am!
To be continued...................

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