Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A cut
draws no blood,
the knife
becomes redundant,
is buried
up to the hilt
in earth,
its warm handle
reminding us
of how we cried
before we couldn't;
tell that
to the worm the blade
has just divided into two
equally unemotional people.

by Alex

All knives should be buried, I reckon, at least 60 ft underground!!

So that nice man will make his speech today, I shall be following his 'career' with good heart. How I wish the world of men would stop war-ing with each other -- think back to Lysistrita(???) she got it right. Let us hope that Obama WILL make some impression! A difficult job, and I wish him and his family the best of luck! They ( the family) are in for a roller coaster ride , I think.

Time for lunch now, bon appetit!


  1. I think because he is (almost) President, things have already changed. I am realizing this is happening without him doing a thing, just being there. This makes me feel that it's the people who are changing, and that will make all the difference. He's just the leader. That kind of leadership that inspires people to be better is what we've hungered for these miserable 8 years!

  2. I totally agree, and no thanks, I don't want the job!