Sunday, January 18, 2009


The mad light
raves, shoots ricochets,
every syllable
a needle where I lie,
returning, fully powered
high geared, emphasized
in constant attack.
Certainly, my creation
this damning electricity
becomes master.
Where was the trap set?
She hasn't spoken once
yet the light knows
everything about us.
She flicks the switch, off,
But memories of that brilliance
flood the darkness with pain.

by Alex
Another tale from the 'trunk'. I have been searching for something a little lighter, but all the poetry Alex wrote during the 70's seemed to favour the dark side. I have come across, however, a delightful fairy story, which I would like to post sometime.

Today, it is a wet and blustery Sunday in France, but WARM! for the first time in 2-3 weeks! A great time for playing with the computer. Blogs were such a good idea to start with, but, you know, with the millions that are now floating around who is ever going to find this one? Or yours? ( if there is any fellow blogger reading this) - what can be done? Continue for personal satisfaction and that of the family, of course- the way forward is obviously going on to the thousands(?) of search engines, and leaving URLs here there and everywhere, but is that REALLY going to be worth the effort? Especially as I am a real newcomer to all this scene. I started off this particular blog to perhaps get recognition for the work of my late husband, and although I have left messages on Writer's blogs, nothing has come back. I suppose I could start a new blog about how and why we came to be in france ( moved here in 1989), and how successful a journey it has been! You can make it work, you know! Ah well, I think I will go and bake a cake for my self and my friend-( trying to put on a few pounds ) so carry on blogging and reading.................


  1. Delphine, it takes time. I was lucky to have a sister who already had a blog when I started mine in 2006. She had posted on hers for a year with -0- comments. I learned from her to visit blogs and leave comments, start a conversation. One way is to click on the elements in your profile page, which will display all the other bloggers who have that same word on their profile.

    Once you have a few steady visitors, their visitors may also start coming to you. It's about community, and you must become part of other communities in order to start one of your own. Become part of their world, and they will want to become part of yours.

    Stick with this unique theme you have of sharing your late husband's work. It's a great idea, and very touching. You will get inspiration from many blogs, the way I have. You would not recognize my blog when I began, it has evolved so much.

    I've added you to my following list because I am interested in what you have to say, and how this will progress.

  2. I arrived here through the comment you left on Ruth's blog "Synch-ro-ni-sing".
    I'll have to come back and take more time to read. I think you've got some interesting material here. Good luck with your new experience in blogging!