Friday, January 23, 2009



Unusual voices
clamber through the branches
and break up the otherwise
independant wind's consecutive nature;

Tall ladders leaning on the sky,
casual workers, working casually
but quick though to pick cherries,
capture time in a basket.

The fingers pounce,snatch at
and finally dismantle
the weather of several months;

the cherry turns, falls,
comes to rest still looking alive
in a stealthy instant,

internment is always near at hand.

by Alex 1972
Memories of many summers past when we were together. It was a good feeling setting that poem down, especially as it reminded me of the warmth and smells and tastes of early Summer.
In mid France today it is very wet and windy, so no gardening for us, which is a shame such a lot more pruning to be done. There were six ducks on our stream today, tearing around, more males than females so quite a few feathers ruffled. We have deer in our park from time to time; once we counted Five, a family of three young. The stag was teaching his only male offspring to 'Rack' ( is that the right word for antler bashing?) anyway it was wonderful to watch. We hide as they are very perceptive to any movement. hope to get a picture one day, problem is never have the camera to hand at the right moment.
Finally I would like to pay a tribute to the courage of Jade Goody whose TV documentary has restarted . Her battle against her cervical cancer is an example to fellow sufferers, especially as she is continuing as normal her celebrity life ( good luck with the panto) and her home life, and whilst keeping nothing back from her young children she is encouraging them to have faith in her recovery. If you are by any chance reading this Jade -- " GO GIRL" !!! It cannot be easy.

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