Tuesday, March 3, 2009


First thing this morning I looked out of the bedroom window and the white duck was still there preening herself by the little lake.....

Err... if you have a magnifying glass you might just see her!!

So I quickly got dressed and armed with a sheer determination to impress the blogging world with my duck photos I rushed out and started snapping with my little old digi camera and this is the result!!!

and that's about it I'm afraid! She would not let me get any closer, ah well. Some days you win- some you lose. I hope she stays, I think she is quite old and lonely!


  1. she would be less lonely with roast potatoes & peas

  2. And she would also be less lonely if she got to know you!! Good for you for getting as close as you did..

  3. Thanks Gwen, she is still there this morning - she had a little swim then she just sits all day . I wonder where she came from?