Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was inspired to post these pictures, after visiting cori's blog , as it is true that some photographs never look quite as good when they are posted up, particularly if your blog will not support a larger size? I remembered that I had taken these in November last year, one evening when the sky was really blood red. By the time I had fetched the camera the colour had dissipated a bit, but I was quite pleased with the pink hue it gave everything!

Nature is wonderful isn't it?


  1. oh wow Delphine, this is a wonderful sunset.. they change right before our very eyes don't they.. The silhouette is magical... your surroundings always feel like a picture book... so beautiful...

  2. Thankyou Dewlish, i wish I had got to the camera when it was real red!

  3. Your comments always give me a warm feeling Gwen, it makes posting so worthwhile!