Monday, March 2, 2009

Back with unwanted baggage!

Well-- it was actually a great break! But we returned with an unexpected present, ah the picture says it all.

The common cold!

However , it was worth it. We caught up with family and friends in Swizterland then mosied on down in our motorhome to the Var, in the south of France. We didn't go out of France this time but did manage to find the sunshine.

I Have posted some photos on my other blog and it also includes a link to an interesting article about the old adage " feed a cold and starve a fever" which I always took to be a fact and now find that it really is. So lots of hot dinners and hot drinks for the rest of this week for me.

We arrived home to find a lovely white , but tired looking , duck in our front garden. She ( I'm sure it's a she) is very tame and we had great trouble trying to persuade her to go into the rear gardens as we were about to collect the dogs from the kennels. As they would regard her as a good dinner it was imperative that she leave their area. Eventually she flew to a high wall in the grounds and there she remained all night. Today she is down by our little lake, so tomorrow I will take the camera out for a few shots. I hope she stays, we do have other ducks who come and go, and have even had batches of babies-- but she is unlike any other duck I have seen, she is large ,pure white except for some red around her beak. Also she seems to be quite old. Perhaps I will look her up.

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