Saturday, March 7, 2009


The white Duck which featured in my post a few days ago, is still with us! She ( I think she must be a she) now has a name-- Phoebe. Phoebe just hasn't flown at all she has taken up residence in the little house on the little island.....

I have looked her up on Google and am convinced she is a Muscovy Duck. Although it is difficult to see from this picture she has the unique lumpy crest around the eyes and above the beak which is a feature of the Muscovy. They are said to have the nicest character of all the breeds of duck, with a pronounced sense of humour, being intelligent and the females are very loving mothers . More Muscovy information with pictures .


  1. Have you noticed that since you've posted your duck, your ads are for Foie Gras!!!!

  2. It's not goose! Foie gras de Canard, which is duck.

  3. Well, it looks like she is moving in... wouldn't that be sweet if she nests!