Monday, April 27, 2009


Dramatic words! But nevertheless true, this winter has decimated our struggling trees--they gave up the ghost and came crashing down! Not one or two , but five huge trees shattering their branches as they fell.

The trees appeared to be healthy.......

What caused this devastation?

There have been no particularly strong winds here in mid-France ;

We had to call the local farmer in to help......

Who cut them up for us....

and stacked them neatly......

One or two trees have also been struck badly with the beetle....

Look closer! It's horrendous isn't it!

The farmer will cutting this down this week!
Anyone else having the same problems?


  1. Delphine
    Have you had all the big trees around the house checked - you don't want one to land nearby.

  2. Thanks for the advice Delwyn, yes that has been uppermost in our thoughts, and we have got one that must come down, unfortunately because it is a feature and very old!

  3. My sister lost all the pine trees on her acreage due to pine beetles. she has a few fir trees left standing...that's it..and they don't know yet if those are affected, but hear it's possible. Her acreage will be denuded...there is not much else on it for trees..... what a sad thing it all is...sorry to hear you lost yours... thankfully it looks like you still have some other trees and lots of greenery.... whew.....

  4. Bumblevee, Oh dear I am really sorry about your sister's loss. Trees are so important to the world, and for everybody who loses a tree it is a real loss and takes so much time to replace.

  5. Absolute disaster! What can one do but commiserate? Nature is so destructive of itself.

  6. Thanks for your commiseration Dave Hopefuly that will be the last of it for this year.

  7. wow...we did have a problem when we had a cabin up in our local mountains, the pine trees were being eaten alive by bark beetle disease...

  8. So I suppose that must be the same as our beetle then Sandy ?