Friday, April 24, 2009


Please forgive the aliteration, I couldn't resist it!

I am posting a few photos to lighten up the end of my week! it's been a funny week for me-- I joined Twitter and couldn't get the hang or point of it, also couldn't load my photo, then pressed the wrong button and I am now left with a default 'blank' in place of a photo, and a new name of " the mystery woman"? not my choice so have no Idea why they are calling me that. My heart doesn't seem to be in anything this week, I had better buck up as its my Birthday soon! AHA! Perhaps that's it!! I just dont want to be a year older -help! So here we go with the photos all taken whilst I was on holiday in Spain a few years ago....

First one -- the seals....................... and loving

Aren't they gorgeous...

The second on is of a group of synchronizing swimmers with dolphins, it was an amazing show to watch...

I KNOW! It's not the best of photos-- the girls are the circle of pink things! Nobody said this was going to be a professional shot! You have to use your imagination.

The final photo is the ' piece de resistance'----The Last Supper!!! ( on the beach- amazing)

Great job, Sandman!

Well that's it folks! Hope it did it for you :)


  1. Hey it did it for me, I love that last supper on the beach, wow. Beautiful seal photo too.

  2. Thans Sandy, what a lot of hard wok went into the making of it!