Monday, April 20, 2009


Looking through my late husbands' work I came across the following poem, written by him and dated November 8th. 1971. In this current recession it seems apt to post it today. He wrote it at the time he had left the BBC- where he had worked for many years- to take over the running of our household of four children whilst I persued my career. I guess we were one of the early 'role-reversal' couples! It would appear on this particular day, he wasn't too happy about the situation! However I am happy to to say that it did work and very successfully up until 1983 when we both went into business together..... So here it is.....


I sit unemployed in redundant Autumn


to the wind

cutting its first Winter teeth

through the grass and my uncombed hair.

The imprisoned day


the distinction it makes

between light and shade,

like the idiotic sun

drawing its inevitable circles in the air.

The day is a shorter one than yesterday,

perhaps, tomorrow

the sun will lose its way.

by Alex, copyright '71


  1. Again, ...I believe I've said before how much I enjoy Alex' poetry. This one felt so bittersweet to me...made me want to sit with those words until I got everything out of them and stood up happy, but a little wiser after delving deep into those feelings

    and that photo! Is that one of yours or his, it is incredibly beautiful.

  2. Hi Sandy, I do appreciate your positive comments on Alex's poetry. I found the photograph in the archives and it best fitted the poem.