Friday, May 1, 2009


My last posting was labelled " Death in our Grounds " ! It was a sad post and I want to counter-balance it with this post " Life in our Grounds "- because although we are devastated at losing so many trees, new and beautiful life is bursting forth everywhere and that is wonderful! I have no idea what the above tree is bit it does have the most magnificent blossom....

A large, but oh so delicate flower!

Even the grass this year is sporting purple flowers! I don't like to think of them as weeds!

These are lovely too, again I have no idea of their name, but they are growing everywhere in the woods in big luscious patches!

....and look at these little beauties, fragile, wild flowers growing ' willy-nilly'.....

... and how can we forget those stingy things, ouch!.......

.......but they have a beauty all of their own-- and they make an excellent nettle wine :)

Finally, keep your fingers crossed for this poor chap, he is hanging on in there!
We do have the 'proper' flowers too, but I thought you might appreciate the ' walk on the wild side' of my gardens today!


  1. Loved the walk on the wild side! I could spend hours there...peeking under leaves and talking to the fairies that I'm sure must hang out there.

  2. That is a lovely thought, Sandy--you know I thought I heard a rustling......