Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My present partner Chris, and I, are taking off for an adventure in our motorhome this weekend, to spend some time with no pressures or time limits. Chris has recently had a heart attack and needs the rest, and I, well, I just need some book time and scrabble time, with no TV bulletins about swine flu, nor politicians arguing about expenses abuse. I want to experience late mornings, early nights, meals outside, shorts and tee shirts, B-B-Q's, wandering, swimming, exploring, site-seeing, chatting, and stopping to smell the flowers on the way, etc etc.

Speaking of flowers I shall leave you will some beauties which I took last week at an animal park here in mid France......

Beautiful pink rhodedendrums

A darker variety!

Not sure what this is? Perhaps magnolia - I am hopeless!

Lovely pink and white heather!

Another gorgeous rhodedendrum this one a delicate cream colour!

But- I shall miss the internet, and the blogging , and, believe it or not, some of the soaps!! ( sad isn't it!) So I shall be back sometime !!

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