Monday, February 9, 2009


Since I started blogging, this January, I have found that it has really taken over my thoughts and my life! It is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing at night! How SAD is that? Am I normal? I want , so much, for the blog to be interesting , and, hopefully, informative.

I have found though, that I derive great pleasure from expressing my thoughts and ,on this blog, my late husbands words . It is cleansing and gives me particular satisfaction knowing that some people are actually reading it; even if they weren't,I know the pleasurable feeling would be the same. What I hadn't expected though, was the community feeling, the knowledge gained through others blogs, the making of new invisible friends ,the sharing of ideas, and basically the FUN of it all .

The down side is that my pile of ironing us getting ever higher, the dogs are not getting so many walks, the housework has gone to pot, I am piling on pounds through lack of exercise, and I wonder why the days seem much shorter. Perhaps I should get out more?


  1. I have to admit,, i didnt realise that i would get so addicted to blogging.

    I should have done, as i get addicted to everything i touch.

    However i am considering after this project draws to a close, creating a journal that i will update everyday and get my girlfriend to upload my picture of my journal every night before i go to sleep.

    I will try to use as little technology each day, or that i can manage without, and update it every day, seeing how much more i can get out of the days without the internet sapping my time.

    I think it could just be that i have become a slave to a fun project which now is work, and a chore to update.

    However i am glad you find it a release to write and let the feelings flow. It might just be that the flow of things are a useful release for you, and others in the blogosphere.

    Real life and the online portal need to find a balance, and i haven't yet found it either.

    God bless.

  2. Charlie, what a meaningful reply, thankyou . At my age I have much more time than you- you should be living life to the full and using all that energy that the young have. It doesn't leave you as you get old, but needs pacing a bit more. When things cease to be enjoyable , change the thing. God bless to you too;Delphine

  3. I have developed the 'ruthie method.' Maybe I've mentioned it before (I do all the time, because I feel it's so wonderful). I get lots of housework and mind work done between blogging. I think this developed because I can't completely stay away from the Internet/blogging for a whole day. So I blog a little, read a magazine article, throw a load of laundry in, eat, and start the cycle again. But if I go to an all day workshop or something, I am in serious withdrawal. For some unknown reason they won't let me do the 'ruthie method' there!

  4. I will try that Ruth, at present I find it difficult to tear myself away and when I do, I get withdrawal symtoms too. Goodness what I am going to do from the end of next week as we go away in our motorcaravan touring around .Hey Ho!

  5. Delphine, I love that cartoon and the way your mind thinks. I love blogging too. I blog a lot in the mornings, visit blogs and update mine. Then I get out for a walk weather permitting and then since I don't really pay attention to TV, I do a lot at night also. But it certainly does become a way of life and you meet such great people. So I'm glad you are blogging!

  6. dear delphine,
    I hope you dont mind I borrowed this funny cartoon from you for my own blog.
    thank you and
    manny greetings from vienna