Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I cannot believe that it's 7.30 in the evening and I have achieved practically nothing all day! Or have I ? Let me look back at my day...........I awoke at 8am watched the SKY news with the first cuppa, showered, plastered on the make -up hoping it would take off 5 years ( it never does, but I feel better when I can hide behind it), then bounced ( yes I did say bounced) downstairs to take breakfast (toast & coffee) with my partner and my cousin ( who I havent seen for years) who is staying for a few days. UMM, then we talked, swapped family photos, went out to town to show off the nice bits ( cathedral, river, park etc), bought a baguette for lunch, and drove home again; Then we had lunch, I had a nap (I KNOW) for an hour then we played with the dogs, took a tour of the grounds - a slow tour-, etc etc. Finally watched deal or no deal and then I came to the office realising that I hadn't played with my computer all day!!!! So here I am, disgusted with my totally unproductive day and having just 10 mins to find something to write about before I get ready to go out for dinner. So there it is -- in a nutshell.

Hope you lot did something better --have a good day/evening x

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