Sunday, February 15, 2009


The lovely lady in the picture above is my Mum, Celia, when she was just fifteen. What a character she was!

She met my Dad, Frank, in a queue outside a picture house in East London. Mum was with a girlfriend and Dad was with his mates. They all started chatting, but when they got to the front of the queue , the theatre was one seat short, so Frank said she could sit on his lap!!! Which she did!! Forward lass ( smile). She told me she sat with him throughout the film and then Dad made a date with her for the next day. As they parted he insisted she take his watch, knowing that she would have to turn up; How romantic is that? That was in 1923!
They got married when Mum was 21, and I wasn't born until she was 33! She always told me that she was having such a good time, she thought she would wait. They worked hard and played hard all their life and were so happy. I was their only child, probably a bit spoilt,
but I think I had a great upbringing- I always felt that I could discuss any thing with them, particularly Mum.
They were married for 57 years before my Dad, sadly, passed away. Mum then lived with us until she passed away in 2007 aged 99. What happy memories I have of both of them. There are so many stories about them that I could tell, but am finding it a bit too emotional so will leave the tales for perhaps another time.


  1. she is really pretty!! Like Akim said: "Beautiful!!"

  2. Ohhh what a beauty. I'm behind visiting so will be back to catch up!!

  3. Thankyou to Akim, Lulu , and Sandy! Yes she was a beauty ! When she was in her 80's she looked 20 years younger;

  4. On his lap! That's a great story, wow. Your parents sound like a lot of fun, you are very fortunate to have those memories with them. She is gorgeous.

  5. Thankyou Ruth, memories of them are so precious,also have a lot of video of Mum,unfortunately not of Dad.

  6. thank you for visiting my blog!
    love the photo of your mother,she was a beauty!
    and the photo of your both parents in the post above is also very nice..I love old things!
    and your Mum was 99 when she's died!how wonderful!